... are all about getting from a to b. It's that simple.

 In this section we'll provide you with pointers in developing your personal strategies. Where are YOU now and where do YOU want to go?


So you want to be a real Project Manager?




Now that you have take the time to Formulate what you want - to be a real project manager - it is time to Translate that into SMART goals. We can help you with that.

Becoming and being a real PM requires Skilled Behaviour, a result of the relation and interaction between Competences, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Experience (as seen in the diagram below)

Note: See below for detailed diagram

We can help you a great deal with the first four directly. As for experience, we can only hire so many Project Managers ourselves, but we can give you some great advice on how to gain valuable experience!

Here are a few SMART goals - one for each subject - and corresponding next steps suggestions.

PM Comp"Being able to identify key PM competences and to rate oneself; in doing so developing insight in areas for improvement"

  • Course - Introduction to Project Manager competences
  • Course - How to do a Project Manager competence self evaluation
  • Course - In depth look at and discussion of Project Manager competences
  • Resources - Overview of Project manager competences

Know"Being able to identify PM specific knowledge domains and being able to reproduce and renew that knowledge"

Skill"Being skilled in applying and tailoring a project management methodology to a specific project environment"

"Being able to adopt a specific attitude towards managing projects and people (in that order!)"

  • Course - Being a real PM
  • Course - Lessons learned from real projects and real people
  • Resources - Lessons Learned archive

"Having managed x projects during y years in z industries"

  • Resources - Tips and tricks on getting and staying hired




We can now also dispel a few common project management myths:

"All you need is a PMP certification!" FALSE.

All having a PMP proves is that you can take a test.

"Project Management is all about MS-Project" FALSE.

A schedule without a plan is useless.

In a more detailed form the diagram looks like this:

Skilled Behaviour small 


Note: We recognize that Competences overlap with Skills, however, we would like to clarify that when we talk about Competences, we refer to project management/manager specific competences as outlined in the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) version 3.0 of the International Project Management Association.

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