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Association for Project Management Body of Knowledge (APMBOK) Introduction Contents of ... The association for Project Management is a UK based professional organization aimed at developing ... [ +++ ]
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... editions were in 2000 (2nd), 2005 (3rd), and 2008 (4th). The fifth edition was published in 2013.   The guide is made up of the following main sections: Introduction Organizational ... [ +++ ]
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Looking for specific numbers such as a Comparison of Healthcare expendituress between Canada, USA and the Netherlands or do you need to calculate something? Then this is the place to be. Be sure to ... [ +++ ]
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...  problems but will at least make you aware of some of the issues, problems and challenges you may face!   Prophet syndrome: managers have a preference for outside experts. [Menon & Pfeffer, 2003] ... [ +++ ]
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So you want to be a real Project Manager? Excellent     Now that you have take the time to Formulate what you want - to be a real project manager - it is time to Translate that into ... [ +++ ]
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Ambidexter Management is a proud supplier of the award winning knowledge management software "TheBrain". "TheBrain" is a very powerful knowledge management instrument that can ... [ +++ ]
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TheBrain is a powerful tool that will allow you to: Capture all your files, thoughts, to dos and otherwise in one location Never Forget anything and have your knowledge at your finger tips Visualize ... [ +++ ]