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... as generic standards with the objective of applicability across a wide range of industries and enterprises. The current version was published in 2008. The standards are the basis for the RegPM certification ... [ +++ ]
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... is version 3.0 published in 2006. The ICB is the basis for the IPMA's universal four level certification (4-L-C) system. The levels being: Certified Projects Director (IPMA Level A) Certified Senior ... [ +++ ]
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Introduction From GAPPS website: The GAPPS Program Manager Framework consists of A detailed approach to differentiating three levels of program manager based upon program management complexity. ... [ +++ ]
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Introduction From GAPPS website: The GAPPS Project Manager standard is written in the format of a Performance Based Competency Standard. This is a particular form of standard that aims to address ... [ +++ ]
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IPMA Competence Baseline mapped TheBrain is a also a great tool to show links and types of links between entities or thoughts.   In the example we show you how we have taken The International ... [ +++ ]
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So you want to be a real Project Manager? Excellent     Now that you have take the time to Formulate what you want - to be a real project manager - it is time to Translate that into ... [ +++ ]