Why Strategies Fail

We must be clear- there is no sure way of guaranteeing the success of any given strategy. However, if you recognize that strategy is all about getting from point a to b, you can strive for a successful route by understanding: where you are now, where you want to go, and what route suits you best.

Let's assume that you've been able to determine where you want to go, you've got a good understanding of the state and capabilities of your organization, and you have mapped out a "ROADMAP 2 SUCCESS.” What can go wrong? You've got all bases covered, yes?

Actually, no, a lot can go wrong. However, by acknowledging the following list of potential ‘show-stoppers,’ your strategies are less likely to fail.

  • Competing activities
  • Delayed schedule
  • Inadequate capabilities
  • Lack of communication
  • Lacking of commitment to the strategy
  • Negligence of daily business
  • No clear set of values
  • Poor coordination and sharing of responsibilities
  • The problem statement that the reward system would conflict with the strategy was considered one of the biggest single problems of strategy implementation
  • Too much focus on Strategy Formulation and not enough on Strategy Realization. In other words "NOT closing the loop
  • Unaligned organizational systems and resources
  • Unawareness or misunderstanding of the strategy
  • Uncontrollable environmental factors
  • Unexpected obstacles
  • Un-feasibility of the strategy
  • Weak management role