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Here we’ve collected for you, a selection of things, sites, ideas and otherwise, that we think are very cool.
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We are always looking for quality scientific material to support our services and the Directory of Open Access journals is the place to be. An excellent source for really good journals. If only The International Journal of Project Management were open to all. {jcomments on}

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edge logois a great place to meet magical minds. We enjoy clicking through the site and finding new treasures of knowledge, insight and opinion.

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2012-10-02 13-33-45 Listening and writing at the same time is not easy. Not any more. We love our Anoto powered pen.{jcomments on}

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For anybody who thought Steve Jobs invented the mouse think again. This is a cool website that shows that usability, computerinteraction, collaboration and even bootstrapping are not the exclusive domain of the web2.0 folks! Check out the demo videos.{jcomments on}

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Every now and then we like to browse through all the new and older cool videos here. Great Ideas.{jcomments on}

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Looking for specific numbers such as a Comparison of Healthcare expendituress between Canada, USA and the Netherlands or do you need to calculate something? Then this is the place to be. Be sure to check out the examples!{jcomments on}

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