No News Is Good News...

… and only good news is bad news.
Projects thrive in an environment of trust. It is therefore critical that a Project Manager has clear expectations and has been entrusted with clear boundaries for authority and decision-making without having to ask permission from Executives every step of the way.
Under these conditions, a project can move along involving Executives at predetermined moments and gates such as the end of a project stage and beyond that knocking on the doors of the corner offices only if certain predetermined tolerances are passed and serious events may occur. This is called management by exception.
Considering this approach and reflecting further on the title of this article, if reports up to Executives from a Project Manager are always good this can also mean that problems may be going unreported or unnoticed. Think about, on any project there are very likely moments things go not as planned or simply go wrong. Therefor, Executives who only receive good news reports, should take this with more than a grain of salt - more like a very bad sign - statistically speaking.