Benchmarking Checklist

Checklist to be used to develop goals and requirements for a project.
  • Mark all that apply.
      • What is to be benchmarked?
      • What other organizations can be used for meaningful comparison with your own?
      • What data collection method will you use?
      • What is the current performance gap you are trying to eliminate?
      • What are your performance goals and what is your desired future state?
      • How are you going to communicate your benchmark findings?
      • Have you established functional goals?
      • Do you have buy-in from necessary stakeholders for these goals?
    • ACTION
      • Have you developed specific action plans?
      • How will you implement these action plans and monitor progress towards bridging the identified performance gap?
      • Following your action plans, have you re-measured and established a new benchmark?
      • Has a leadership position been attained relative to other comparable organizations?
      • Have the achieved practices from your action plans been integrated into processes?
    Robert C. Camp, “Benchmarking: The Search for Industry Best Practices That Lead to Superior Performance”(Quality Press: 1989).