DMAIC Project Methodology Checklist

Using the DMAIC Methodology Checklist

Checklist to be used as a guide to navigate the 5 stages of the 6 Sigma DMAIC project methodology.
  • Mark all that apply.
    • Have you defined the project scope, objective, and schedule?
    • Have you defined the project team members?
    • Have you defined the stakeholders?
    • Have you gained authorization from the necessary project executive sponsors?
    • Have you assembled and trained the project team at a high level?
    • Have you determined the measurement process?
    • Have you defined relevant and obtainable metrics?
    • Have you established a current state baseline for your measurement?
    • Have you evaluated your measurement system?
    • Have you captured the process drivers?
    • Have you benchmarked against best in class?
    • Have you analysed sources of variation?
    • Have you analysed the value stream?
    • Have you evaluated risks and potential failure modes?
    • Have you optimized process settings and configurations?
    • Have you defined a new process?
    • Have you defined and prioritized improvement opportunities?
    • Have you realised the deliverables for the project and had them approved by the project sponsors?
    • Have you documented lessons learned?
    • Have you developed and implemented a control plan?
    • Have you validated the new process and established a basis for ongoing monitoring?
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    See also Initiating a Project Checklist