5 Pillar Supply Chain Analysis Checklist

Checklist to ensure your supply chain has the five elements that drive value.
  • Mark all that apply.
    • TALENT - Have you hired talented supply chain managers and created an environment in which they can develop and grow?
    • TECHNOLOGY - Have you completed a technology assessment of your organization and identified any gaps?
    • INTERNAL COLLABORATION - Are the supply chain function and other areas of your business (e.g. marketing, human resources) focused on meeting the needs of your customer in the most effective way possible?
    • EXTERNAL COLLABORATION - Do you collaborate effectively with your external vendors/upstream suppliers?
    • EFFECTIVELY GETTING THINGS DONE - Is your supply chain supported by effective project management and change management people and processes?
    Reuben Sloan et al. “The New Supply Chain Agenda” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2010).