Email Etiquette Checklist

Checklist to be used as a reminder of the small details that make your emails effective and professional commuinicatio.
  • Mark all that apply.
  • Did you include a relevant subject heading?
  • If your email is a "forward" or "reply" did you modify the subject heading if appropriate?
  • Have you appropriately sorted recipients between the "to" and "cc" classification? The latter designates the email is for information purposes only for "cc"'ed recipients, and that no action or reply is required.
  • Have you removed any recipients that do not need to receive your message?
  • Does your email have a courteous greeting and salutation?
  • Have you spell-checked and reviewed for grammar and clarity of your message?
  • Is your tone appropriate for the recipient(s)?
  • Are there any attachments for the email? Do you refer to the attachments in the body of your message so they do not get missed and to provide explanation and context for the attachments (if necessary)?
  • Have you included your email signature with contact info (if appropriate)?
  • Have you remembered that email is not private? Once you write something down and click "send" it can be examined, stored, and forwarded to the rest of the world!
    See also 7 "C"s of Communication