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You’re almost there! Now that you have strategized, and planned the next actions for you and your team to begin on, it's time to REALIZE your objectives by doing. Don't forget to, monitor your progress to ensure that you are achieving the results that you want!

Here you will find some pointers on how to stay on track and manage your outcomes, and the tools to help you do so.

  • Management of Projects

    Management of Projects: Getting results!

    At the core of realizing strategies - in other words making change happen - we find what we call "Management of Projects". This serves as a container of activities and disciplines such as but not limited to:

    • Program Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Project Management
    • Project Management General
      This section deals with all general project (management) related content. Click there --> for all articles
    • Portfolio Management General
    • Project Management Standards, Methodologies and Models

      Project Management Standards, Methodologies and Models

      The discipline of project management may, upon first glance seem a well defined profession. Nothing is farther from the truth in the sense that there are multiple standards, methdologies and models all trying to describe some, most or all (really?) aspects of "Project Management"
      Below you will find an overview of these standards, methdologies and models for as far as we at Ambidexter Management have been able to find.
      Some are international or national standards, some are proprietarry models owned by private companies and organizations, others are public domain and some are something else all together.
      For organizational sake we have, loosly arranged them as follows: (Complete List)
  • At work

    At work Things happen!4119442A

    A variety of articles on day-2-day situations you may encounter at work or somewhere else.

    Learn from others and provide feedback if you can.