Certification! Cui Bono?

Over the last few weeks, an intense debate is ragging on the Project Manager Network, initiated by Miles Jennings. (Great discussion Miles!). The debate is about the question whether PMP certification is becoming more or less valuable.

I would like to take a different perspective and approach on this. Let us approach this from an evolutionary perspective. We should not argue whether there should be PM certification or not, just as we should not argue the value of wings or feet for that matter.  Certification is here and here to stay (for a while)

The question to ask, from an evolutionary perspective, is: "Qui Bono?” or "Who benefits?"

The simple fact there is PM certification implies something/someone benefits. Moreover, as long someone/something benefits it will be there. Simple as that.

So, who are they?

1) Certification Standard Setting organizations that charge for membership and certification related products.
2) Certification education organizations that charge for training and education related products
3) Certification evaluation and granting organizations
4) Certification consultants
5) Certificate holders (higher pay, increased likelihood of job)

What do you think?