Better Decisions?

In a recent article in the Strategy magazine the authors identify 4 red flag conditions that may lead to bad decisions and 4 safeguards to prevent those poor decisions.

They are:

Four types of error

Four types of safeguard

Misleading prejudgement

Experience and data

Misleading experience


Inappropriate self-interest

Group debate and challenge

Inappropriate attacements



Although this list does not imply to be complete nor do the safeguards imply to be perfect but it is always a good thing to be aware of the potential of "Bad Decisions"

Problem with any decision made in the context of an organization, and especially the ones higher up the command line, is that they are hard to challenge. We tend to mix the person with the decison.

Source: 'Make beter Decisons' | Jo Whitehead,Andrew Campbell, Sydney Finkelstein | Strategy Magazine | Issue 21 | September 2009, 12 - 14