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TheBrain is a great tool to summarize and unlock the contents of books.   We have used TheBrain to unlock PMI's guide to the Project Management Boidy of Knowldges (PMBOK).   By doing ... [ +++ ]
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IPMA Competence Baseline mapped TheBrain is a also a great tool to show links and types of links between entities or thoughts.   In the example we show you how we have taken The International ... [ +++ ]
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Context Diagram Example A very valuable feature of TheBrain is the ability to use three different types of views: Normal Outline Expanded   In the examples below we have used the expanded ... [ +++ ]
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TheBrain is a great tool to use for note taking during and after a course.   Recently I took an online course at Coursera, called Model Thinking. I used TheBrain for taking notes and linking ... [ +++ ]
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  This free lesson gives you an overview of the contents of the full Prince2 Course Subjects covered in the video: Course outline Purpose Approach Tools used in Course Course material ... [ +++ ]
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... below for details. In the second half of the recording you can see how Erik has mapped and connected the project management methodology Prince2 (2009 Ed.) and PMI's PMBoK (4th Ed.). If you like information ... [ +++ ]
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In order to provide you with a license please fill in your first and last name together with your email address just below the version drop down menu. Once your purchase has been processed we'll provide ... [ +++ ]
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Digitize your mind with TheBrain. Download now and try all the features for 30 days. Register and upgrade to get the ultimate performance or keep using the free edition as long as you want. There is ... [ +++ ]
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Ambidexter Management is a proud supplier of the award winning knowledge management software "TheBrain". "TheBrain" is a very powerful knowledge management instrument that can ... [ +++ ]
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TheBrain is a powerful tool that will allow you to: Capture all your files, thoughts, to dos and otherwise in one location Never Forget anything and have your knowledge at your finger tips Visualize ... [ +++ ]