Topics: Risk management, Risk identification, Language, Communication
... PMI Europe 2001, London UK, 6-7 June 2001 by Andrew Moore, Astute Risk Manager & Alec Fearon and Mark Alcock, Astute Risk Team.  ... [ +++ ]
Topics: ITIL, ITIL V3, IT service management (ITSM)
...  When I was asked to conduct an ITIL Foundation training, one of the first questions I asked was, is it version 3 and if so, 2007 or 2011? I needed to know, since I knew that in 2011 ITIL V3 was refreshed, ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Configuration item, Configuration item record, Configuration management, Configuration Management System (CMS), Checklist
Configuration Item Record Checklist Checklist ensures a proper record of information is kept about each project configuration item.   Mark all that apply. A process exist by which the Configuration ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Communication, Communication management, Strategy, Checklist
Communication Management Strategy Checklist To be used when creating and approving the project Communication Management Strategy document.   Mark all that apply. A common standard for communication ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Learning, Project Management Office, Lessons learned
Project Management Office needs to allign with PM to faciliate learning Project Management offices come in a lot of forms and sizes. One of the functions a lot of these Project Management Offices pride ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Communication, Information management, Reporting, Just-enough-information
On a project, enough is enough. What this means is that you must provide any person only the level of detail of information that person needs at that time. Think of it, when you are packing your suitcase ... [ +++ ]
Topics: System implementation, Lesson learned, Expectations management
When implementing a new system in a project it is as important to clarify for end users what the system CANNOT do as much as what it can do.   A few years back, Erik was involved in a project ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Strategy formulation, Strategy implementation, Strategy realization, Strategic planning, Ambidexter Management
Your FuTuRe, based on the FTR Framework It's all about U We will help you Let us lend you a helping hand. We are Ambidexter after all! 1 Formulate First of all you need to ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Certification, PMI, Project Management Institute, Project management
Over the last few weeks, an intense debate is ragging on the Project Manager Network, initiated by Miles Jennings. (Great discussion Miles!). The debate is about the question whether PMP certification ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Project plan, Lesson learned, Progress, Management stage, Technical stage, Stages
Plans are like food - they have a limited shelf life! This may seem obvious but is often forgotten. Nobody can predict/estimate what will happen for a very long period of time. Review progress on a regular ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Resources, Ambidexter Management, Free stuff, Training
So you want to get (free) Valuable stuff? No problem. We like to surf the net as well and gladly scoop up excellent freebies. We believe in free (and paid for stuff). We have (and use) both on this ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Competence, Skills, Attitude, Knowledge, Project management, Training, Methodology
So you want to be a real Project Manager? Excellent     Now that you have take the time to Formulate what you want - to be a real project manager - it is time to Translate that into ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Prince2, Training, TheBrain, Project Management, Brainzip
  This free lesson gives you an overview of the contents of the full Prince2 Course Subjects covered in the video: Course outline Purpose Approach Tools used in Course Course material ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Respect, Human resources (HR), People management, Book, Leadership
A little while ago I heard an interview on the radio with Robert Epstein, the author of the book “The case against adolescence”. His basic point of argument is that we keep our teens from becoming adults ... [ +++ ]
Topics: PMP, Quote, Certification, Human resources (HR), Evidence based management
PMP certification is irrelevant as a core project management competency or characteristic as valued by IT managers [US..] nationwide.Deborah H. Stevenson, Jo Ann Starkweather A very interesting study ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Certification, PMP, Human resources (HR), Soft skills, PM competencies, Evidence based management, International Journal of Project Management (IJPM)
... skills Work history Written skills   Once the criteria were established they sent out a 32-item questionnaire to over 3200 IT mangers and executives. They asked them to indicate ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Time management, HR
Remember, a good (project) manager is home on time and so is his team! Erik Hamburger  Don't try to be a superhuman/hero. Everyone needs rest. If you need more and more time for your project ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Planning, Crisis management, Decision making, Project management, Maturity model
... of a project but at the beginning! 1) De-escalating IT Projects: The DMM Model | Donal Flynn, Gary Pan, Mark Keil, and Magnus Mähring | communications of the acm | october 2009 | vol. 52 | no. ... [ +++ ]
Topics: Planning, Stages, Project life-cycle, Management stage, Technical stage
... like to address the statement Colin made about Prince2 (P2). Planning is not a phase in Prince2. It was not so in the 2005 edition and neither is it in the 2009-refreshed edition. In Prince2 phases (called ... [ +++ ]
Topics: TheBrain, Knowledge management, Software, Project management tools, Tools
Ambidexter Management is a proud supplier of the award winning knowledge management software "TheBrain". "TheBrain" is a very powerful knowledge management instrument that can ... [ +++ ]
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