Project Management Primer

If you want to know what project management is really about than this is the perfect start. Learn from and engage with Erik Hamburger, a 20+ year project management professional.

This is NOT your typical introduction to project management.

In this 1-2 hour workshop Erik will address, in no particular order, the following topics:

Myths about Project management

  • ... Is not Project Management
  • ... is also not Project management
  • You don't need ... to be a Project Manager

Truths About Project management

  • Project management is all about ...
  • And all about ... as well.
  • Project Management is making ... what is ...

Great tools for Project Management

  • It's important to use ...
  • ... is also very handy!
  • Remember ...


Real Project Managers

  • Always Focus on...
  • Make sure they have a clear understanding of...
  • Never forget to ...
  • Are not afraid to say ...










The difference between project management and project leadership is?

  • The difference is ...!
  • Really? Yes!

Delivery method

Stand up with some image projections and lots and lots of time for interaction.

Don't worry; you won't be bored to death with 1000 PowerPoint Slides.

Target Audience

Anybody interested in a real world approach to project management.

Perfect for teams / groups who are looking to fill a speaking slot in e.g. a lunch and learn or an evening program with a fresh and practical perspective on Project Management


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will make it happen. Price depends on, amongst other things, expected duration and type of handouts (if any).

A typical range is $250.00 - $ 500.0 (Excluding travel expenses)