TheBrain is a great tool to summarize and unlock the contents of books.

We have used TheBrain to unlock PMI's guide to the Project Management Boidy of Knowldges (PMBOK).


PMBOK Unlocked

By doing so we are no longer confined to a one dimensional way of going through the book. We can link different sections and quickly jump from one to the other without having to flip pages!

Quick Jumps

We can now drill down (or up) to deliverables as part of processes.

 Drill Down Process

By creating different thought type we can see directly where for instance outputs are required.

Thought types

In addition to the thought type we have creted different link types to identify what type of relation is meant in each case.

2013-04-15 13-35-47-1

Finaly we have added an image to some thoughts to be shown as part of a presentation. The image will show in full size when hovering over the thought.

Hover over to show image


 Video (No Audio yet)

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