KenAs a skilled and highly effective researcher and communicator, Ken is able to provide an excellent contemporary dimension to your business.


Ken Scott is a young professional with experience in communications, project management, operations analysis and marketing business strategy. He has a diverse education background including an undergraduate degree in political science and graduate degrees in history and business. His experience includes government, not-for-profit, private sector, and work for an international organization.

Ken’s passion is learning from those around him and developing and implementing ideas that make a difference.

Ken’s motto:

“Ideas first”.

In other words, Ken will help you get creative and also make sure the ideas last!

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As a dedicated and very experienced Project Manager Cristian is your man when you want that time sensitive and task heavy project to be a success.

With over 10 years of experience

ErikLeanTWAs a seasoned and driven people manager Erik Hamburger is able to help you make that big project, program or initiative into a success. With over 20 years of experience Erik has proven that he can help organizations make a difference.

Erik Hamburger is a seasoned manager, trainer and knowledge management expert. His senior management experience spans many sectors, including software development, benefits administration, print and mail, government, and post-secondary education. He is a leader in the creation of project management tools and in the adaptation of project management methodologies. He has trained numerous people and organizations in project management.  

In his career of over 20 years Erik has learned two important lessons:

Erik's passion is working with and for people, sharing his knowledge and experience

Erik's motto:

"People First".

In other words, Erik will help you make the implicit explicit. Erik's approach to (Project) Management is an exercise in making things explicit.


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MarissaAs a Communications Consultant, Marissa is able to help you, help yourself perfect your internal and external communications.

Marissa is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Communications faculty with a minor in the Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue program. With clear focus, Marissa directed her studies and since, her work on interpersonal communication specifically within the dialogic model.

Marissa has extensive experience in community outreach, and a keen interest in civic engagement. Working within the framework of the dialogic model, Marissa believes that a non-hierarchical and inclusive form of communication is the key to any project or business’ success.

Marissa's Motto:


In other words, Marissa will invite you to simplify your communications model: simply take the time to engage!


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