How it all started

It started in 2003 in the Netherlands when five project managers, all working for the same firm, got together to discuss their future and how to make the most of it. As you can imagine, ideas flowed freely. As with any brainstorming session, when it came to making decisons and agreeing on the destinations and the route it was not as easy. In the end they all agreed to let the matter rest for a while. But the seeds were sown!

Out of the original five that got together two, Arie den Ouden and Kees Steijsiger, started Ambidexter Management BV in the Netherlands. The other three all pursued other goals. One started his own company, one changed jobs and one moved to Canada.

When Erik Hamburger arrived in Canada with his family he took a full year off to get oriented and take a breather from a very hectic couple of years. He had stayed in close contact with Arie and Kees and slowly the idea evolved to go international with Ambidexter Management. And thus Ambidexter Management Inc. was born in 2005.