Why have a strategy in the first place?

Why indeed?

Because whether you like it or not, you have one. Some may argue that:

"In a world where change is the only constant having a strategy is a necessity"

I would rephrase that by:

"In a world where change is the only constant all organizations have a strategy"

The question is not whether you should have a strategy but rather whether you know your strategy and are in control of it.

And those are the two big strategy questions:

1 Do you know your strategy?

2 Are you in control of your strategy?


If you are able to say yes to both that's great. In that case you could stop reading here. Please don't though! We would really like to hear from you how you do that. Use the comment section below to share your approach with the other readers.

If you can't answer both questions or maybe only question 1 let's see if we can give you some insight in how to get to two yesses. By the way, saying yes to question 2 implies by definition saying yes to question 1 as well.

Next time I will address the first question: Do you know your strategy?

I will tell you how to find out, even if you have never done any strategic planning at all, how to still determine what your current - yet implicit - strategy is.

I will give you some ideas how to establish a strategy.

Once that is done the real fun stuff begins (and it never ends!), getting and staying in control of your strategy.