Man with a plan

Let's look at two recent quotes we found in the media:

"Here's the screw up: You made a promise that you'd deliver this and you missed three weeks later,"

"You've got to believe in Dave. Dave has a plan. Dave knows. You've got to believe in the plan."

The first one was recently made by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. The second one was made over a year ago by  Francesco Aquilini, owner of the National Hockey team the Vancouver Canucks, during an informal conversation with the newspaper The Vancouver Sun.

What makes these remarks so interesting is the current context in which we can reflect on them.

First of all, a few days ago Aqulini fired th man he referred to in his comment, Dave Nonis. Apparently he did not believe in the plan anymore. Aqulini said that the reason for firing Nonis was that the team had missed the playoffs.

Secondly, GE had just reported an unexpeted loss. About a month ago Welch's successor had actualy told the world that GE would hit its mark.