Top 3 Tools of my Trade - Common Sense


One of my favourite quotes is from TV personality Judge Judy: "If it does not make sense, it probably is not true!" Although we all can argue that this is Beware Common Sensean oversimplification of the world it's a great quote. The simple fact that something does not make sense to someone might of course also be attributed to the lack of knowledge and or understanding by the recipient. But there is something very true about it when it comes to dealing with people. And dealing with people is after all the modus operandi of a manager. With common sense I mean that you should not over complicate things, that you should think before you do something, that you should ask yourself what would someone else do?

But I also mean common sense when I ask my self: "What if I did something people would not expect?"

Applying common sense is not so much about doing what most people would do as it is about actively looking at all possible ways, without making it overly complicated.

Common sense also means understanding:

a) that you can not do it alone and

b) that you can more than you think. (You can, just try it!)