Top 3 Tools of my Trade - Humour


"Life's to short to work for idiot's"

is a glorious quote by a good friend of mine. I'd like to paraphrase that quote and state:

"Life's too short to be miserable!"

Although we tend to make ourselves believe, as managers, taking care of business, that work is all there is BUT it is NOT. It is of course important but not so important that we need to take it so serious that it becomes a chore and as a result a bore. Lighten up!

As I quite often tell the people i work with:Smile

"We can always panic tomorrow!"

There's also a serious note to this. People who are happy and are having fun doing whatever it is they're doing, tend to do it better, quicker and with less mistakes. So don't worry, have some fun at work, tell a joke and smile. You may not not on candid camera but are sure helping the team be successful!