Top 3 Tools of my Trade - Trust


As a manager I need to trust the people I work with and the people that work with me need to be able to trust me. Volume after volume has beenTrust written on the subject of trust. I will not even try to make an attempt to summarize all of that. From my personal perspective and experience I have learned that trust arrives on foot and departs by horse.

My approach is always to start to be trusting of people. Establishing trust is very important. Key for me has always been:

"To practise what I preach and therefore to do as I say"

In other words, don't make commitments or promises you cannot live up to.  But not only do as you say but also say what you do. Be transparent.

Trust also means not micro-managing the people on your team. So they may not always do everything the way you would do. But you don't always do the things the way others expect it to be done as well. And aren't we're proud of that? Let them do what they are supposed to do and help them by providing them the support, tools and trust required to do so. Trust their competence, skills and knowledge! In the end the most important thing is that the work gets done. Besides, there's not enough of you to do all the work others are doing anyway.