Top 3 Tools of my Trade

"Erik, what tools can you recommend me?"Tools Button

Quite often, both as a (project) manager and trainer, do I get asked that question:

I usually counter that question with a counter question:

"Tools for what?"

Mostly I get a reply in the order of:

"To be a good/successful (project) manager"

I won't go into the topic of what constitutes a good and/or successful manager. Yes, there is a difference! I will give you though, my top 3 tools-of-my- trade answer.

Most people are somewhat surprised when I give them my answer. I suspect that has to do with the fact that a lot might expect something like MS-Project, Primavera or some sort of electronic tool. No it's much simpler. My Top 3 Tools-of-my-Trade are:




The reaction by the recipients of this answer is quite often a combination of puzzlement, surprise and amusement. Although my answer is very serious I cannot help but be amused each time I see the reactions. Let me explain a bit what makes me give this answer.