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This site is all about strategy. Heck, even this site has a strategy. One could even argue that the site in itself is part of the strategy of the people and companies that are behind it. Since we define strategy as "doing the right things the right way in order to achieve the right things" and since all strategies basically focus on getting from A to B let's go over that for a bit.

The goal (B) of this site is threefold:


Sharing knowledge and experiences.

Improving your business.

Generating business for us

The current situation (A) is threefold:


Lots ofknowledge and experience stuffed in heads, on harddisks and in books

Lots of room for improvement

Lots of ambition


Our approach is threefold:


The home: this site

of your Future: Do it your self stuff

By Ambidexter: If you need a bit of help we're there to help